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A Trifecta of Healing

Healing is a multi-faceted process, therefore, it is sometimes necessary to approach the healing process from a holistic standpoint. A holistic approach to health considers healing of the whole person, taking into account the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of our being, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Soulscape Holistic Wellness is dedicated to providing clients with affordable, individualized wellness solutions that are both enjoyable and validated by scientific research. Offering support, guidance, and alternative healing modalities to help bring the body, mind, and Spirit into balance and harmony while awakening the body to its natural healing abilities and aligning to our true authentic essence.

Amy Lewis

Founding Owner of Soulscape Holistic Wellness

Life Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Amy is a naturally gifted, intuitive empath who is passionate about helping others on their healing journey. Her knowledge and experience in Holistic Health and energy healing allow Amy to assist her clients in releasing trapped emotions and old belief systems. Working energetically with her clients enables Amy to connect with them deeply, allowing her intuition to guide her to the right modalities to help her clients the most. These methods encourage her clients to feel more confident in themselves and empower them to create the life they want.

Before founding Soulscape holistic wellness, Amy worked in the veterinary field and struggled with burnout, compassion fatigue, feelings of unworthiness, and a critical inner voice. With the support of others and alternative Healing Modalities, Amy has found a new purpose in life, a positive outlook, and a renewed sense of self. She has since dedicated her life to helping others realize their full potential and supporting them along their healing journey.

Having had a unique and life-changing experience with Reiki and Sound Healing encouraged Amy to further her education in these alternative Healing Modalities. She holds certifications in various areas of Holistic Health, including Sound Healing, Reiki, Holistic Life Coach, and 200hr Yoga Instruction. She is a devoted student of life and continues to expand her knowledge. She is currently enrolled at the University of Sedona to obtain a doctorate in the Philosophy of Holistic Health. She is also currently working on receiving certifications in guided Breath Work sessions and EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner.

 Her knowledge and experience will help you create a blueprint for your soul, aligning with your authentic self and allowing you to live a blissful and purposeful life. Get in touch today and find out how she can help guide you.





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