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What is your Soulscape?

Just as a landscape encompasses a vast area of land with peaks, valleys, and abundant life, your soulscape embodies what makes you uniquely who you are.

It incorporates your experiences, emotions, and beliefs that are molded and developed throughout your life. However, sometimes we lose our way and find we need support to discover who we are and what our true purpose is. As the seasons change over our soulscape, we must take time to heal and connect with someone who can support us through the storms.

Throughout your life journey, you’ll face challenges and struggles that may cause you to lose your way and require healing from imbalances in your mind, body, and soul which require more holistic and alternative healing modalities. A life coach who understands holistic healing is the answer to restoring your balance.


As your holistic life coach, I can guide you back to balance and help you sustain your success throughout your journey. I’ll support you in making the right decisions to keep your soulscape healthy and aligned with your true purpose. By assisting you with finding the right life path and guiding you in finding your goals, together, we’ll overcome whatever has taken you off course.

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Amy Lewis

Founding Owner of Soulscape Holistic Wellness

Life Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Before founding Soulscape Holistic Wellness in 2022, Amy struggled with feelings of not belonging, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and a critical inner voice. Since overcoming these internal battles she has dedicated her life to helping others realize their full potential and supporting them along their healing journey. Amy holds various certifications, including Life Coaching, Sound Therapy Practitioner, and 200hr CYTT. Her knowledge and experience will help you create a blueprint for your soul, aligning with your authentic self and allowing you to live a blissful and purposeful life. Get in touch today and find out how she can help guide you.

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Life & Holistic Health Coaching

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If you are looking to improve your mindset and relationships or struggling with the feeling that you don't belong, a Life Coach may be the support you need.

A Life Coach is an individual who is trained to help motivate and support you in decision-making. A coach will help guide you in decision-making but never make a decision for you. The main role of a coach is to offer skills and resources to help you achieve goals and discover your purpose.

Book a complimentary call to help us both understand how our services can help you on your healing journey. Offering virtual appointments allows us to serve clients worldwide.

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